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MF Metal was founded in 1990 by Maria Fernanda, the entrepreneur after whom the company was named. The company, which started by selling standard tools, attempted to respond to a market need: special tools, made to suit customer needs. For this purpose the founder of MF Metal, who had a vast amount of experience in the tool market, set up a partnership with FREZITE for production of special tools using hard metal (HM), welded construction and polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

MF Metals invested in specialisation, supplying solutions for the automotive, aeronautical and mould industries, among others, and came to represent international brands, such as FMT, Gühring and Ceratizit in Portugal.

In 2006 the FREZITE Group acquired a share in MF Metal, and three years later it acquired the company with headquarters in Matosinhos. In 2011 MF Metal was integrated to the facilities of the Metal Division of FREZITE, in Trofa, and it gained a new logo, repositioning itself in the market and affirming its role as an industrial supplier.