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  • Founding of the FREZITE company - Ferramentas para Madeira, Lda.

  • First participation in the LIGNA trade fair in Hannover (Germany), showing the confidence and commitment of the company to internationalisation.

  • Creation of the 1st patent for a semi-automatic mini-milling machine.

  • Delivery of the 1st set of tools to Renault Cacia for production of gearboxes, heralding the start of what was to become the Metal Division.

  • Opening of new company premises, approx. 3,500 m2, by the Industry Minister, Mira Amaral.

  • Founding of FREZITE Brazil, with headquarters in Sao Paulo.

  • Opening of new production layout following the merger of Correl with FREZITE, by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Augusto Mateus.
  • Constitution of Frezite - Herramientas de Corte SL in Valencia (Spain) via the acquisition of the Spanish company Vicente Descalzo.

  • FREZITE acquires the Spanish company, J. PRAT – specialist in production of circular saws made from hard metals.

  • The President of Portugal, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, visits FREZITE as part of the Infante programme of AEP - Portuguese Business Association.
  • Acquisition of the majority of the capital of MF Metal - Herramientas, SA, located in Custóias (Matosinhos - Portugal).

  • Transfer of FREZITE Brazil from Diadema, São Paulo, to S. Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, an industrial centre for the wood sector.

  • Transfer of the Sawmill Production Line from the company J. PRAT from Sabadell (Catalonia - Spain) to Trofa (Portugal).

  • Acquisition of a share in Eurogrind, a cutting tool company with headquarters in Swansea, UK.
  • Creation of the FMT brand - Frezite Metal Tooling for the Metal Division and inauguration of the new FMT facilities in Trofa, near the headquarters of the company, by the Minister of Economy, Dr. Manuel Pinho.

  • Acquisition of Sorby, UK.
  • Creation of FMT-Frezite Metal Tooling Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany; of Frezite Metal Tooling, S.L. in Spain; and Frezite s.r.o in the Czech Republic.

  • Acquisition of a share in the Finnish company, Teratoimitus.

  • Start of activity of FMT in Brazil.
  • Creation of FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling, S.A.R.L. in France.
  • Bet on the area of Energy and Environment with the constitution of Frezite Equipamentos Energéticos e Ambiente, Lda.

  • Founding of FMT Romania, marking the start of trading in this country.
  • Inauguration of new facilities of FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany.
  • MF Metal is transferred to the FMT production unit in Trofa (Portugal).
  • Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates and the Deputy Secretary of State for Industry and Development Fernando Medina visited the facilities of the Frezite Group in Trofa.

  • Creation of FMT Poland
  • Inauguration of the expansion of facilities in Frezite Metal Division - Portugal
  • New Facilities of Frezite SRO in the Czech Republic
  • FMT Germany takes over IPM business

  • Creation of FMT Mexico
    Frezite Groups marks 35 years of existence
  • Frezite Group marks 35 years of existence

  • Creation of FREZITE Polska

  • Opening of FMT office in Italy

  • FREZITE Polska invests in sharpening service

  • Opening of FMT Factory in Mexico

  • Acquisition of the companies HPS and SERI.
  • FREZITE celebrates four decades of existence

  • HPS switches to FHP - Frezite High Performance and changes facilities

  • Frezite Group invests in a showroom in Portugal.
  • FHP doubles offices with areas dedicated to Research & Development, LMC - Lightweight Mechanical Components, MHW - Mechanical Hardware, THW - Thermal Hardware and Quality.
  • Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, accompanied by the president of the Portuguese Agency for Innovation and other representatives from ANI and the cluster Portugal Space visit the Frezite Group.

  • Walter, a provider of specialized machining solutions, acquires Frezite Group.

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