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  • Founding of the FREZITE company - Ferramentas para Madeira, Lda.

  • First participation in the LIGNA trade fair in Hannover (Germany), showing the confidence and commitment of the company to internationalisation.

  • Creation of the 1st patent for a semi-automatic mini-milling machine.

  • Delivery of the 1st set of tools to Renault Cacia for production of gearboxes, heralding the start of what was to become the Metal Division.

  • Opening of new company premises, approx. 3,500 m2, by the Industry Minister, Mira Amaral.

  • Founding of FREZITE Brazil, with headquarters in Sao Paulo.

  • Opening of new production layout following the merger of Correl with FREZITE, by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Augusto Mateus.
  • Constitution of Frezite - Herramientas de Corte SL in Valencia (Spain) via the acquisition of the Spanish company Vicente Descalzo.

  • FREZITE acquires the Spanish company, J. PRAT – specialist in production of circular saws made from hard metals.

  • The President of Portugal, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, visits FREZITE as part of the Infante programme of AEP - Portuguese Business Association.
  • Acquisition of the majority of the capital of MF Metal - Herramientas, SA, located in Custóias (Matosinhos - Portugal).

  • Transfer of FREZITE Brazil from Diadema, São Paulo, to S. Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, an industrial centre for the wood sector.

  • Transfer of the Sawmill Production Line from the company J. PRAT from Sabadell (Catalonia - Spain) to Trofa (Portugal).

  • Acquisition of a share in Eurogrind, a cutting tool company with headquarters in Swansea, UK.
  • Creation of the FMT brand - Frezite Metal Tooling for the Metal Division and inauguration of the new FMT facilities in Trofa, near the headquarters of the company, by the Minister of Economy, Dr. Manuel Pinho.

  • Acquisition of Sorby, UK.
  • Creation of FMT-Frezite Metal Tooling Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany; of Frezite Metal Tooling, S.L. in Spain; and Frezite s.r.o in the Czech Republic.

  • Acquisition of a share in the Finnish company, Teratoimitus.

  • Start of activity of FMT in Brazil.
  • Creation of FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling, S.A.R.L. in France.
  • Bet on the area of Energy and Environment with the constitution of Frezite Equipamentos Energéticos e Ambiente, Lda.

  • Founding of FMT Romania, marking the start of trading in this country.
  • Inauguration of new facilities of FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany.
  • MF Metal is transferred to the FMT production unit in Trofa (Portugal).
  • Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates and the Deputy Secretary of State for Industry and Development Fernando Medina visited the facilities of the Frezite Group in Trofa.

  • Creation of FMT Poland
  • Inauguration of the expansion of facilities in Frezite Metal Division - Portugal
  • New Facilities of Frezite SRO in the Czech Republic
  • FMT Germany takes over IPM business

  • Creation of FMT Mexico
    Frezite Groups marks 35 years of existence
  • Frezite Group marks 35 years of existence

  • Creation of FREZITE Polska

  • Opening of FMT office in Italy

  • FREZITE Polska invests in sharpening service

  • Opening of FMT Factory in Mexico

  • Acquisition of the companies HPS and SERI.