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 Apr 29, 20201 month ago

FHP collaborates with CEiiA in the production of ventilators

As part of the Atena project, CEiiA (Centre of Excellence for Automotive Industry Innovation) is involved in the production of a prototype ventilator and has FHP as its supplier. The goal is to leverage the production of fans to combat the Covid-19 virus in Portugal. By the end of April CEiiA is expected to produce 100 ventilators and it is estimated to produce a few thousand in the coming months.
Photo: Pedro Granadeiro/Global Imagens

 Apr 23, 20201 month ago

For inclusion: IT action

To help students most in need to return to school - from home - due to the Covid-19 pandemic, FREZITE donated 15 PC equipped with monitor, mouse and keyboard. The equipment was delivered to the Municipal Police and Civil Protection Division of Trofa to support the local community in combating asymmetries in access to education in this 3rd school period.

 Feb 20, 20203 months ago

FHP in space telescope

The CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite) space telescope, which involved FHP in the development and manufacture of its thermal protection, revealed its first image of space. Launched in December and led by the European Space Agency (ESA), it has the unique ability to accurately determine the size of exoplanets in the range between the Super Lands and the Neptunnes, representing the outcome of 10 years of work and investment.
Image credits: ESA/ATG Medialab

 Feb 17, 20203 months ago

Group exhibited in Germany, France and Mexico

The FREZITE Group participated in the EUROGUSS 2020 - International Trade Fair for Die Casting - which took place in Nuremberg, Germany, between 14th and 16th January. In Lyon, France, the Wood Division exhibited at EUROBOIS from 4th to 7th February. In the following week, the Group exhibited at EXPOMANUFACTURA, in Monterrey, Mexico, between 11th and 13th February.

 Feb 13, 20203 months ago

FHP on the Solar Orbiter Probe

On February 10th, was launched the Solar Orbiter, an artificial solar observation satellite dedicated to solar and heliospheric physics developed by the European Space Agency.
The probe developed with NASA support, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in the United States of America (USA) and its mission is to collect information about the Sun's poles.
This project counted with the FHP participation in the development of multilayers isolations (MLIs) for the thermal dummies.
The Orbiter Solar Probe is already in space and has Portuguese technology incorporated.

 Feb 7, 20203 months ago

Group in focus by the press

The Group's performance has been the target of journalistic coverage in different media. We would like to highlight the interview by the Chairman of FREZITE Group to LusoPress, with a magazine and television channel specially dedicated to reach out to the Portuguese emigrant community. In Portugal, reports such as the one published in the Expresso, a prestigious weekly newspaper, should be highlighted.

 Jan 31, 20203 months ago

Countdown to Expomanufactura 2020

After participating in the trade fair Industrial Transformation Mexico in October, the FREZITE Group will exhibit again in Mexico, this time at Expo Manufactura, which takes place in Monterrey, between 11th and 13th February.
Our local team is waiting to your visit at the stand: 515

 Jan 20, 20204 months ago

Group exhibits at EUROGUSS 2020

FREZITE Group participated in the EUROGUSS 2020 - International Trade Fair for Die Casting - that took place in Nuremberg, Germany between 14 and 16 January.
The group was represented by the brands SERI and FMT, pursuing the strategy of presents to the market with a unique service, through an integrated and differentiated offer.