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 Jun 27, 20225 days ago

FREZITE joins Sandvik family

Frezite Group after years developing its businesses towards high end engineering and growth will be an active player on Sandvik. Frezite will be Business Unit of Walter Group, a division of Sandvik Machining Solutions. Will be part of further segmentation to the supply of sustainability and environmentally friendly industries like the wood processing sector, as well as in the development of the electrification and light weight sectors of automotive and aerospace to pursuit future growth plans.

See the Press Release HERE.

 Jun 7, 20223 weeks ago

FREZITE supports participation in F1 in Schools competition

M&M's Motorsport, a team made up of six trainees from CENFIM da Trofa – who participate in the F1 in Schools project – relies on FREZITE's consultancy in terms of tools and materials to be used in the machining of the elements that make up the car. It is an international multidisciplinary competition where teams of 3 to 6 young people compete against each other. The challenge is to design and manufacture a miniature car from the official F1 Model Block, using CAD/CAM design tools according to specific regulations. At the beginning of the month, the team has already guaranteed passage to the national stage and aims to reach the international competition, which will take place during the last F1 Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi.

 May 31, 20221 month ago


FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling (the company's Metal Division) and FHP participated in the 9th edition of AED Days, a hybrid event that brought together the main aeronautics, space and defense players to discuss the present and future challenges of the sector. Between May 24 and 27, conferences and workshops, a forum and B2B meetings were held at the Taguspark Congress Center, in Oeiras (Portugal), for companies seeking business partnerships.

 May 19, 20221 month ago

Trainees of Cenfim visit FREZITE

Two groups of trainees of Centro de Formação Profissional Cenfim da Trofa (Portugal) visited FREZITE this month of May. First were the group of CNC Machining and Programming class and, on the following day, the class of Industrial Maintenance. With a policy of open doors for education institutions, the company continues to invest in profitable partnerships with organizations related with technical training.

 May 13, 20221 month ago

Group sponsors the Portuguese Foundry Congress

FREZITE sponsored the XIX Congresso Nacional de Fundição, which took place on 11 May at Torre da Oliva in S. João da Madeira (Portugal). With about 200 participants, discussed topics related to the sector, namely the circular economy, energy transition, development of new technologies, investment in railways, innovation and new production processes, digitalisation and workforce empowerment.

 May 6, 20221 month ago

Portuguese Minister of Economy and Maritime Affairs visits FREZITE

António Costa Silva visited the group's facilities in Trofa, on May 3, and took the opportunity to learn more about the production capacity of FREZITE. After the working session with the Chairman of the group, José Manuel Fernandes, they both joined the solemn session of the 173rd anniversary of AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal (Portuguese Business Association), in Porto, attended by the Portuguese President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

 Apr 6, 20222 months ago

Seri and the clamping systems concepts

Promoting synergies and complementary knowledge within the group, FREZITE held a training on clamping systems concepts. Provided to the project team of the Metal Division, this action took place at the facilities in Trofa (Portugal), stimulating continuous training to the employees of the group. An initiative that already involved the FREZITE companies in Poland and Germany.

 Apr 4, 20222 months ago

FREZITE in job fairs

The group participated in the job fair that took place on March 28th within the scope of the 1st Mechanical Engineering Journeys of ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. Then it joined to ConnectinGears – the Mechanical Engineering Congress – of the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, which took place between 29 and 31 March and was attended by 36 companies, including FREZITE. By this way FREZITE continues its cooperation policy with educational institutions.

 Apr 1, 20223 months ago

Dual system brings foreign students to FREZITE

A group of German pupils of dual technical education visited the facilities of FREZITE in Trofa (Portugal). A tour that results from a partnership between CENFIM – (Portuguese Professional Training Centre of Metallurgical and Metalworking Industry) and the SBS-Jena school, in Germany, promoting technical and pedagogical innovation. The visit took place under the Erasmus cooperation project, which involves more than 200 entities in Europe.

 Mar 29, 20223 months ago

Group investing in training synergies

To correctly apply the methodologies for calculating the capacity of processes and machines, as well as provide the necessary knowledge and tools for measuring and monitoring capacity, is in progress a joint training course on Process Capacity for employees from the Metal Division of FREZITE and Seri. Optimising Group synergies, FREZITE invests in the continuous development of its employees' skills.

 Mar 17, 20223 months ago

FREZITE growing in Central Europe

Investing in a policy of greater sales proximity, FREZITE has been growing in Central European markets, namely in countries like Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Note that the Group already exports its products and technology to more than 70 countries, but there is still a lot of world to be coloured in yellow.

 Mar 15, 20223 months ago

FREZITE s.r.o. completes 15 years

The FREZITE branch in the Czech Republic has completed 15 years of activity and currently has a team of 25 employees. To celebrate the anniversary, during the year 2022, FREZITE s.r.o. is adopting this graphism in its communication. It means an endless bond of trust, togetherness, help, belonging, friendship, not only to their customers, suppliers, but also to the FREZITE group and FREZITE s.r.o. families.

 Feb 15, 20224 months ago

Investing in Leadership

A program is being implemented at the FREZITE Group. It started in the second half of last year with the management teams in Portugal and, this month, it is taking place in Brazil. The leadership training program is an initiative that will cover the Group's other management teams - with local trainers - namely in Germany and the Czech Republic. This is FREZITE, committed to training leaders.

 Jan 31, 20225 months ago

FREZITE awards best master's degree

For the sixth time FREZITE has associated with FEUP - Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, sponsoring the J. F. Silva Gomes/FREZITE Award, created to distinguish the best MSc dissertation in mechanical engineering with a significant experimental component. The award ceremony was held on 28th January, prizing a thesis related to the manufacturing of cutting tools.